Joaquín Pastor Genzor

Joakkin is a talented street photographer who creates unique compositions using the people of the street and the natural light.

He studied graphic design and integrated the basic principles of audiovisual communication and colour theory. He discovered his passion for the aesthetics of image and the sense of beauty by participating in the shooting of several short films.

He has always liked to communicate and offer the world an alternative vision of the way human beings live, relate and think. His photographs are a clear reflection of the above.

He is now focused on translating the beauty of his photographs to video and, therefore, he is specializing as a director of photography.

He currently explores his city with his camera and cultivates his taste for careful compositions using the natural lighting to create an authentic ocean of emotions where stillness and reflection are the author’s signature.

His level of exigency allows him to surpass himself in each photograph, being able to see when a composition works or not and why. He always looks for originality and to transmit more with less, eliminating all elements that interfere with the message.

He has the ability to see the potential of each scene and materialize it through his lens, but he also is used to improvise with what happens in front of his lens and to be resolute, as he works in a changing environment, and therefore is able to anticipate possible problems.

He is the founder of sublime street, a street photography hub that shares the best street photographs from around the world. It was created to inspire others and give visibility to new talents. The style of sublime street is minimalist, collecting compositions that border on perfection.